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Dental Services

We are committed to making your whole dental experience as comfortable as possible.

Dental Check-ups, Cleanings:

We love to see you smile. And your smile will last a lifetime when you get on to a regular dental check-up and cleaning schedule. Keeping your great smile requires daily brushing and flossing, and cutting back on sugar…but nothing replaces the visit to our gentle but thorough Hygienist and dental associates.

Your dental health is number one. If you need to come in and just have your tooth brushing checked, we do that at no charge. Just book a 5 minute appointment when you need some TLC!

Be sure to get an early start on regular dental care at home, bring in your children by age 3.


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From X-rays to Esthetics:

We Custom Design Your Treatment Plan From X-rays to Esthetics.

Our treatment plans are respectful, and customized to your wishes. We will give you all your treatment options and always be sensitive to your budget. We are committed to only taking the X-rays that are appropriate for you, yearly or maybe none at all. We are very concerned about keeping your body healthy – healthy gums and healthy teeth!

Dental Fillings:

We are a white-filling (composite) dental office.

Dental-Field Integration:

Dr. Dyck has over 25 years in the dental field including working in the fields of implants and hospital dentistry. Complete Dental integrates with other dental specialists in orthodontics, implants, hospital dentistry, children’s dentistry or any other aspect of dentistry that requires Complete Dental treatment.